Todoist just came forward with its own approach to kanban board-style project management, but if you need something less expensive or don't work on a large scale, you might be interested in Bundled Notes' approach to this organization style. Version 0.9 adds kanban board support and makes navigating and using the combined notes and productivity tool more intuitive, leading up to the service's stable 1.0 release.

Changelog version 0.9:
  • Boards feature for bundles for kanban-like organisation.
  • Multi-select notes option for batch archiving + deleting. More options soon.
  • Free bundle limit increased to 6, free notes to 400.
  • Bundle archiving (hide bundles without deleting)
  • Bundles can be saved as re-usable templates.
  • Much cleaner bundle configuration button
  • Font + text scale options for accessibility, language & preference.
  • Improved colourful notes look (+ option for original rich colour)
  • Visual, animation & performance improvements
  • Improved landing page + project template bundle
  • Hide-able hints
  • Many bug fixes + tweaks

While the latest UI and UX tweaks are more than welcome, kanban board support is the most interesting change in this update. In a classic kanban board, you'd be looking at columns full of to-do items that wander from left to right as you take steps towards their completion. A board could consist of columns for backlog, in-progress, peer-review, testing, and completed, but the exact terms are up to you and your project. Bundled Notes condenses this into a bottom-tab-based interface that lets you view one column at a time. Columns can be added by creating tags and turning them into boards in a bundle's setting. There's a bit of a learning curve involved, but navigating your tasks should be pretty intuitive once you've set up everything.

It's now also possible to archive whole bundles, not just individual notes, and you can finally save bundles as templates. Image attachment support and fully customizable reminder intervals will sadly have to wait for another update.


On another note, the Bundled Notes web app has received a minor facelift a few days ago, making use of the available space better and switching out rich colors for pastels that are easier on the eyes.

The Android app is free to use, but you only have access to a total of 6 bundles and 400 notes (the number has been bumped up with this update). If you need unlimited storage and access to the web app, you'll have to pay a monthly or yearly fee of $1.89 or $17.99, respectively. You can download Bundled Notes on the Play Store or over at APK Mirror if you'd like to give it a go.