AT&T went to great lengths to resist changing its misleading 5G icon, but it needs no encouragement when it comes to changing up cellular plan options. Over the weekend, the company rolled out updates to its unlimited plans — and it looks like customers with multiple lines could save some significant cash.

It's been standard for a while now for cell companies to give out discounts for additional lines, but usually that meant everyone with a line on the account would have to use the same plan. Thanks to AT&T's new Unlimited Your Way initiative, Grandma and Grandpa won't have to pay for the same fancy unlimited plan that their grandkids need to stream Fortnite.

Customers on the same account can choose from the Starter, Extra, or Elite plans and still save money via the discounts that come with additional lines. All three of the plans come with unlimited talk, text, and data in the US, although "2G off net data speeds may apply" in Mexico and Canada.

You'll be deprioritized quicker on the cheaper options, though, and they don't include as much high-speed hotspot data. Upgrading to the Elite plan also adds HBO Max and HD streaming quality. If this sounds a little confusing, don't worry; AT&T has an entire graphic dedicated to breaking it down.

The $85 Elite plan drops to just $40 with 6-10 active lines.

The company says the 25% savings for military, healthcare, and education workers that it introduced earlier this summer will apply to these new offerings as well. AT&T's Unlimited Your Way plans are available now at Existing customers can sign up through their online account page or via the MyATT app.