Whether you're making an online purchase or simply trying to log into your account, you're most likely going to be asked to enter a one-time code sent to your mobile number via SMS. Since these messages are useless a few minutes after being received, they create unnecessary clutter in your texts, unless you manually bother to tidy up and delete them. Thankfully, Google has a solution for you with its Messages app, as it's working on a way to automatically scrap these texts for you.

According to our colleagues at XDA Developers, a teardown of version 6.7.067 reveals Google is working on a way to delete one-time passwords after 24 hours. It appears users will be prompted on whether the app should automatically clean up for them, or if it should leave OTPs pile up.

It's not clear whether Messages' next release will come with this new functionality, or whether Google needs a bit more time to finalize it. We'll make sure to keep you posted when it does, as you'd probably be relieved someone something is doing the cleaning for you.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

A new post on Twitter sheds a bit more light on the app's settings. Screenshots show a new submenu called Message Organization with two options. When enabled, the first one automatically deletes current and future OTP messages after 24 hours to unclog your inbox. The second automatically categorizes messages, a feature we've also spotted recently.