Square Enix has been hinting at a Nier spinoff for mobile titled NieR Re[in]carnation since March (2020), but up until recently, it was unknown if this Japanese-developed title would make its way West. Well, thanks to a recent announcement at the Tokyo Game Show 2020, we now know the game will also come to the US and Europe with an English translation in tow.

Above, you can watch the Japanese teaser trailer for NieR Re[in]carnation that was initially published in March (2020). While it's easy to see that the art direction is fitting for a Nier title, more or less, that trailer only offers concept art, so it's hard to tell what kind of gameplay will be on offer. Square has also released a new trailer in a tweet to celebrate that the game is coming West, though this trailer (in the tweet below) also offers nothing worthy of discussion.

So what this means is that the details surrounding NieR Re[in]carnation are incredibly light. However, we already know Yoko Taro is serving as the creative director, Yosuke Saito is working as the producer, and that Keiichi Okabe will handle the music. These three had a lot to do with the success of Nier: Automata, so it's nice to know Re[in]carnation is in good hands. Still, we already have a mobile game from Yoko Taro that was published under Nexon called SINoALICE, a title that's indeed stuffed with in-app purchases, which may or may not be a sign of things to come with NieR Re[in]carnation. So here's hoping Yoko Taro doesn't cash in on mobile with NieR Re[in]carnation as he did with SINoALICE.