Spotify already has over a hundred million users globally, and it’s a big task to keep them all engaged. The streaming service added Group Sessions to help out with that not too long ago, and many more interactive features are still in the pipeline. In its latest move, Spotify is introducing a tool called Listen Alike that tells you how close your music taste is to that of some celebrities.

The list ranges from singers to podcasters, including names like John Legend, Alicia Keys, and Conan O’Brien. Once the tool completes its background math, it scores you based on how close your music preferences are to the selected artist. You can even check out what songs and genres you both listen to.

Left: It's a match! Center: What's common Right: When nothing's alike

To find your perfect celeb-match, you’ll have to head to a dedicated Listen Alike website — available for both free and paying users — that works on both desktop and mobile. There could be times when the feature bugs out before giving you a compatibility score like it did in some of our testing. However, it was smooth sailing for me, so your mileage may vary.