Shazam is clearly the handiest app when it comes to identifying a song you can't put a name on. Before being acquired by Apple, the service partnered with Spotify to let you listen to songs, until it naturally received integration with Apple Music earlier this year. Apple appears to want to play a fair game, though, as its music identification service is now starting to let you listen to songs with YouTube Music.

The app's latest version now lets you use Google's music streaming service to listen to a song you've just identified. Despite not having Apple Music on my phone, there's still a large button to open it at the bottom of the screen, but at least I can now directly access the track in YouTube Music without having to manually look for it.


Left: The overflow menu when identifying a song. Right: The overflow menu when browsing your library

Interestingly, though, the link to YouTube Music only appears right after you've identified a song. It's nowhere to be found when you head back to your library, with only the Apple Music option being shown.

I doubt Apple will push the integration further with playlists anytime soon, but it's already a nice improvement for non-Apple Music subscribers.