Root is a popular adventure board game that has won its fair share of awards and has already amassed three expansions. This is more than likely why Dire Wolf Digital has chosen to digitally adapt the game for the Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile. So now that the game is available on the Play Store, it's clear this adaptation offers an enjoyable digital tabletop experience, which can be yours for $9.99.

The trailer above offers a quick look at what Root has to offer. As you can see, the cell-shaded graphics are inviting, but it's the gameplay where this title really shines. Despite the friendly theme, this is a deep game that offers a steep learning curve, so expect to lose a bunch before you get a feel for the title's mechanics. Since this is a game themed around multiple factions engaging in war, your best bet is to play as each and every group to get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses. So experimentation is key, as well as patience. Thankfully the game offers local and online play, so you can practice offline before you choose to face real-world opponents.

So far, performance is excellent, and the touch controls work really well with the game's UI, so if you were worried about a clumsy port, don't fret. Really, the one drawback is that the game may be considered expensive at $9.99. To put this in perspective the Steam version is $14.99, making the mobile version the cheapest version currently available. Another thing to consider is that this is only the base game, so the three physical expansions are not available digitally. However, if I had to hazard a guess, I bet they'll eventually arrive as DLC.

So if you're a board game fanatic or have a soft spot for deep games that will take multiple playthroughs to learn their ins-and-outs, Root is definitely worth the asking price. Not only can you choose to pass and play while at home with your friends and family, but you can also go online anytime you want to take on random players. So if this sounds good to you, you can grab Root from the Play Store widget below.

Root Board Game
Root Board Game
Developer: Dire Wolf Digital
Price: $9.99+