Google's to-do management strategy has never been its strong suit. Between a pretty basic Tasks app and reminders that have suffered from countless issues going back to 2017, things are sparse and unclear. Calendar has been trying to become the one-stop solution for this disjointed strategy and you can already use it to manage your reminders on web and mobile, as well as create and edit tasks on the web. The last piece of that puzzle is task support on mobile, and that's finally starting to roll out to users now.

We knew Google was working on Tasks integration in Calendar, but the feature hadn't gone live yet. It showed up via a server-side update for one of our tipsters back in June. Today, with the latest Calendar version, 2020.36.4 (APK Mirror), the feature has begun rolling out more widely, though it's still enabled by a server switch.

As you can see in the screenshots below, when you try to add a new item, you should see four options: you can choose between goal, reminder, task, and event.


Left: No TasksRight: With Tasks ("Attività" in Italian).

Creating a task shows a similar interface to adding an event, with title, details, date, all-day toggle or specific timing, recurrence, and an additional option to choose which Tasks list the item will be added to. In Calendar's side menu, you can toggle the tasks option, just like you can control reminders, so if you'd rather not see them, they can be turned off.

Left: Creating a task in CalendarRight: The Tasks calendar ("Attività") can be toggled on/off.

Even if you don't have the standalone Tasks app installed on your device, you can choose to receive notifications for your due to-dos. The option is available under Settings -> General -> Tasks notifications.

Left: Existing settingsRight: New option to enable Tasks notifications ("Notifiche Tasks").

This integration is still not official — even Google's own team says it's not available — but after the limited June availability, it's starting to go live more broadly for users. It doesn't seem like you can definitely trigger it by installing the latest Google Calendar v2020.36.4 APK, though having that version seems to raise the odds that you'll get it. So it doesn't hurt to install it and see if it changes things for you.

Wider rollout

The post has been updated to point out that this is rolling out to more users with the latest version of Calendar. Thanks, Alejandro, Samarth, Moshe, and Himanshu!

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