In many cases, bigger is better. Bigger also usually is louder and if louder is what you need, then you'll want to go as big as you can. How big? How about 26 pounds big? If you're ready for a lift, Sony's GTK-XB72 multi-purpose speaker is on sale today for $150 off.

Ideally, you're not using this thing at your apartment, but maybe at a large backyard or at a (socially-distanced) function as an all-in-one party-maker: LEDs light up the box with its massive drivers — a trio of 2" tweeters and a pair of 6⅜" woofers — that takes power via AC. It can source audio from phones and tablets via Bluetooth, NFC pairing, and USB plus a line-in port and a built-in FM tuner. It can also use Bluetooth to daisy chain other wireless speakers for wider coverage.

For the record, Sony lists the official weight of the XB72 as 26 lb., 12 oz., but that may just be inclusive of the shipping box

The XB72 hasn't been at this low a price since Black Friday last year, keeping to its original MSRP of $350 at most times. But you can grab one from Best Buy for $200 or Amazon for the slightly lower cost of $198 while supplies last.