Power banks are one of the most convenient ways to fill up our devices while on the go. Sadly, most of them barely exceed an output of 30W, but Elecjet's PowerPie can deliver up to 45W over USB-C, allowing it to quickly charge a phone or even power a laptop. The product traditionally sells for $49, but it's now down to just $39 thanks to this coupon code.

The power bank has an 18W USB-A port coupled with a USC-C PD outlet that delivers up to 45W, enough to charge a MacBook. Its 20,000mAh capacity means it can fill up a Note 10+ a little more than three times. The battery itself can also be charged over USB-C in just over 2.5 hours, provided you have a 45W wall charger.

The Elecjet PowerPie usually costs $49 on Amazon, but you can save 20% on it and effectively pay $39 by applying the on-page coupon before adding it to your cart.