Samsung Pay is rolling out in Germany, but with one major twist: Rather than relying on bank-by-bank support, which can take ages, the company is simply partnering directly with Visa and a fintech company named Solarisbank AG to roll it out for everyone at once. In short, that means basically anyone in Germany can set up Samsung Pay without their bank having to support it first.

The details behind how this system works are pretty interesting. Customers receive a virtual Visa debit card that they can link to almost any German bank account, and it's apparently that card that gets connected to Samsung Pay, so Samsung doesn't need to get banks on board and integrated directly. Solarisbank even has its own method of verification for the setup process, and as before, all payment details are secure and encrypted.

German customers can also take advantage of financing directly from Solarisbank for purchases over 100€ in periods up to 24 months, and you can turn a transaction into financing for up to 90 days after your original purchase.

Samsung dragged its feet in Germany compared to Google, which started rolling out support for German banks two years ago. But better late than never, and Samsung's solution is probably better. Interested German parties can register for Samsung pay here.

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