We know pretty much all there is to know about Google's upcoming Chromecast-branded Android TV dongle at this point. Renders and specs of "Sabrina" have already leaked, together with color options and pricing. And now we even know what the upcoming Chromecast with Google TV will look like on your local retailer's shelves.

Today's leak comes courtesy of Reddit, in the form of a hastily-recorded hands-on video, showing off all angles of the retail packaging.

Video via u/jsterninja, mirrored to gfycat.

The anticipated Chromecast branding is strongly present, though the precise product name is inconsistent. From the front, it's branded "Chromecast with Google TV," as expected from prior leaks, but the bottom of the package abbreviates that even more simply to just "Google Chromecast," which is interesting. The bottom also clearly describes what's included with your purchase: The new Chromecast, a power cable and adapter, the Google Chromecast Voice Remote, and 2 AAA batteries. I might be reading a bit too much into it, but it seems to me that sort of simplicity of branding implies this isn't just another device joining the Chromecast lineup, this is the Google Chromecast — i.e., the future of the platform — but time will tell.

4K and HDR support was also expected based on the chipset's specifications, and here it's clearly labeled.

Based on the timing of this leak and the fact that the hardware is already accounted for in the inventory systems of several different retailers, there's a good chance the Chromecast with Google TV will go on sale soon, maybe even on the 30th at Google's Launch Night In event where a formal announcement is anticipated.

Hands-on photos, unboxing, and video

A Redditor has snagged hands-on photos of the hardware inside the box, together with follow-up photos and even a video of the software. This is pretty much a full unboxing and hands-on, and we're almost a week out from the anticipated launch.

Hands-on photos of unboxing. Images via u/fuzztub07

None of the information revealed is new per se, but these are the most detailed real-life photos of the upcoming Android TV-powered Chromecast that we've seen yet, and those that pick one up will spend plenty of time over the coming years using the remote that you see here.

The white color depicted here is probably the "snow" colorway that previously leaked. Details like a button and light the back of the dongle and regulatory markings are clearly visible. The remote is also fully detailed, agreeing with previous leaks, and showing off its smoothly curved back and individual buttons, including ones for YouTube and Netflix. Again, nothing new, but these aren't renders; they're the real thing.

The only fly in the ointment is that this confirms the bundled power cable won't support ethernet if you prefer that to Wi-Fi, so you may have to purchase an additional cable if you want to go that route (assuming the device supports it, that may need to be confirmed first).

Three images of the software on the Chromecast with Google TV, showing system details, storage, and the redesigned interface. Images via u/fuzztub07.

Software details also match what we've seen before, showing the dongle running Android 10, not the latest Android 11. Of the built-in storage, a mere 4.4 GB is available for use, so don't expect to load this thing up with games and media. However, at $50, this is hardly competing with more spec'ed out devices like the Nvidia Shield, which costs three times as much. The ad-heavy rumored interface redesign promoting shows from certain streaming services is also demonstrated.

Scrolling through the chromecast UI for those that were interested from googlehome

Demonstration video of the new interface. 

Stadia reportedly isn't pre-installed and the currently available app doesn't work right now, but that doesn't mean compatibility isn't coming. It could require a different version of the app to be released later.

Excited? The lucky Redditor probably got their hands on one courtesy of Walmart, so you may want to check availability in your area if you can't wait another week for it to land officially.