500,000,000 is a huge number, especially when it comes to app installs on the Google Play Store. Google Contacts and YouTube Music achieved the milestone earlier this month, and now another developer is joining the 500 million installs club: Pinterest, the app for visual inspiration.

Pinterest is one of those apps that I'm still not sure what it's for exactly. Mood boards? A wedding planner? An inspirational quotes collection? Summoning wendigos? All I'm sure about is that it's really annoying to run into when you're just trying to download an image from Google search. Regardless of how useful it is to me personally, I guess a lot of other people like it — more than 500 million, to be precise.

Maybe it's time I download Pinterest for myself and check it out. It did manage to achieve 500 million installs only a few weeks after the official Reddit app, which is vaguely impressive. And Keen hasn't put it out of business yet, which is a promising sign. I guess this Pinterest board of ugly babies in famous works of art is pretty funny?

Developer: Pinterest
Price: Free