Today Google revealed a handful of new features rolling out in Google Pay for folks in Singapore, but buried inside the announcement was a bit of news that may ultimately apply to all of us: A self-explanatory "Split a Bill" feature that's being tested in Singapore before it comes to other countries. Singaporeans can also look forward to PayNow support at two more banks, they can purchase movie tickets at Golden Village and Shaw Theaters, and they can enjoy a new "scratchcard" rewards system.

Settling debts manually has been possible in Google Pay for ages (by virtue of simply sending or requesting money in pre-calculated quantities), but it sounds like folks in Singapore are picking up a new feature that could make the process of splitting an entire bill even easier. Unimaginatively titled "Split a Bill," the feature promises to let customers "form groups to organize and manage payments, as well as divide bills and other joint expenses within the app."

Screenshots provided don't show the entire workflow, but a new support document has more information. Though the page  has since been taken down, Google Search still shows the steps involved in a featured snippet:

Google is explicit that this feature is merely being tested in Singapore first, and we can expect it to come to other countries later — hopefully, that includes us here in the US.

In Singapore-specific news, customers in the country can enjoy expanded PayNow integration. Previously only available for OCBC customers, now it will also work with DBS Paylah! And Standard Chartered Bank, and it's compatible with retailer QR codes as well, which will make paying at small shops much more convenient.

It isn't immediately clear if Google Pay previously supported purchasing movie tickets in Singapore, but it will work now at Golden Village and Shaw Theaters and a total of 174 movie screens. Google's also giving back rewards in the form of "virtual scratchcards" that offer instant cash in different values.