Overnight, Lowes accidentally pushed up a product page for Google's upcoming Nest Audio smart speaker, confirming most of the details that already leaked (including a $99 price tag), and dropping a small pile of official images for the upcoming speaker. Seemingly not to be outdone by Lowes' accident, Walmart is already putting the speaker on shelves.

Though some of these images previously leaked via Roland Quandt and WinFuture, we are getting a few new glimpses of Nest Audio "in action," you could say, showing what it looks like inside a pair of home environments.

According to the specifications section of the product listing, the Nest Audio measures 6.89 inches tall, 4.88 inches wide, and 3.07 inches deep, clocking in at 2.64 lbs. As you'd expect with an Assistant-powered smart speaker, it supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The listing explicitly states that there is no battery backup (sorry for anyone that held hope to that theory), and the speaker comes with a power adapter and cable. Text in the listing indicates the speaker can be grouped for stereo sound, as we previously expected.

Although Lowes only showed off the Nest Audio in light gray, Walmart is apparently stocking the product on its shelves already, giving us a glimpse of the retail packaging for the dark gray colorway. No new details regarding the product are revealed from the two sides of the packaging we can see, and pricing wasn't reportedly included, though previous leaks indicate it should cost $99.