Google's Launch Night In is just around the corner, at which the company is expected to formally reveal new Pixel phones, the new Chromecast with Google TV, and a new Nest-branded smart speaker. But leaks continue in the now week-long leadup to the event, and today Roland Quandt has revealed what looks like an official promo image, showing off the new Nest speaker and Chromecast remote. But, most importantly, we also get to see what the green Pixel 5 looks like.

While the leak also shows the new Chromecast with Google TV remote, its software interface, and the upcoming Nest speaker, we've already seen all of that, but this is the first time (to my knowledge) we've caught a glimpse of the anticipated green color that previously leaked in connection to the Pixel 5.

Hints of "seafoam." Image via @rquandt.

The resolution for the promo image leaves a bit to be desired, but the green colorway might be more aptly-called "seafoam" — though who knows what Google will ultimately name it. It looks like it comes with a darker accented power button, though we can't see it in enough detail to pick out a specific color. (Perhaps dark gray or black?) The rear fingerprint sensor and volume buttons are tinted to match.

Historically, Google does at least one "fun" but understated color for its Pixels, though it was a question whether that would happen this year. Google only did one (boring) black shade for its Pixel 4a, though more recent leaks from Quandt/Winfuture indicated we'd get both green and black just a few days ago. Usually, Google does three colors, so the times are changing.

Although the original Pixel came in a really wild electric blue colorway, every model since then has been more demure. The Pixel 3 came in a sort of flesh-tone pink, and the 3a came in a just-barely-purple color, for example. Last year Google did step things up a bit with a more wild almost Halloween-themed orange and black Pixel 4, though this new green colorway is a little less extreme.