Google has thought it smart to pit its latest Pixel 4a against an adorable pug. According to the company's marketing material, which spans eight short videos, the phone comes out winning each and every time. This is how they lie to you, people. Everyone knows who the fair winner should be.

The videos tackle the comparison from different angles. Features like astrophotography, adaptive battery, Night Sight, voice recorder, car crash detection, security, and more are explored, and in each case, Google puts its own Pixel ahead of the poor pug.

What isn't taken into consideration is that Pixel the dog makes you see stars when it's over-excited, switches impeccably between play mode and doze mode, can spot a piece of chicken from a mile away in pitch darkness, has perfectly memorized the sound of your keys jiggling, barks continuously when you stop unpredictably during a walk, and gets overly aggressive if someone dares approach Ducky, the plushy.

Oh and the fact that it wasn't conceived by Google? All the better, at least you don't have to debug and deflea it daily. JK, JK, JK...