This year, Google's Arts & Culture project dove into a global exploration of cultural and historical wonders as a salve to the travel restrictions inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic — it was dubbed as a way to take a vacation without crossing borders. Now, the showcase is getting more than three dozen 3D models of artifacts and monuments for your eyes to take in, right from Google Search.

Just put in a query for any of the following monuments — adding in the term "3D" might help, but it didn't help us with the search for Fort York as seen above — and scroll down to check out the 3D model. Just as with other 3D models on Search, you can view it in white space or in your room with augmented reality.

  • Chunakhola Masjid (Bangladesh)
  • Nime Dome Mosque (Bangladesh)
  • Shait Gombuj Masjid (Bangladesh)
  • Flanders Field Chapel (Belgium)
  • Fort York National Historic Site (Canada)
  • Normandy American Cemetery (France)
  • Brandenburg Gate (Germany)
  • Pirene fountain, Corinth (Greece)
  • Temple of Apollo, Naxos (Greece)
  • Gate of India (India)
  • Throne room of Eshmun Temple (Lebanon)
  • Altar of the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral (Mexico)
  • Chacmool statue, Templo Mayor (Mexico)
  • El Caracol (Mexico)
  • El Castillo, Chichén Itzá (Mexico)
  • Palacio de Bellas Artes (Mexico)
  • Eim ya kyaung Temple, Bagan (Myanmar)
  • The Meeting House, Waitangi Treaty Grounds (New Zealand)
  • Church of Saint Sofia, Ohrid (North Macedonia)
  • Buddha statues at Jaulian (Pakistan)
  • Lanzón stele at Chavin de Huántar (Peru)
  • Ritual Rooms in Palacio Tschudi, Chan Chan (Peru)
  • Palacio Tschudi, Chan Chan (Peru)
  • Moai, Ahu Nau Nau (Easter Island/Rapa Nui)
  • Moai, Ahu Ature Huki (Easter Island/Rapa Nui)
  • Moai, Rano Raraku (Easter Island/Rapa Nui)
  • House of Saint Ananias (Syria)
  • Lukang Longshan Temple (Taiwan)
  • Great Mosque, Kilwa Kisiwani (Tanzania)
  • Autthaya (Thailand)
  • Wat Phra Si Sanphet (Thailand)
  • Mausoleum of Emperor Tu Duc (Vietnam)
  • Edinburgh Castle (U.K.)
  • Lincoln Memorial (U.S.)
  • Martin Luther King Memorial (U.S.)
  • Mesa Verde (U.S.)
  • NASA Apollo 1 Mission Memorial (U.S.)
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial (U.S.)

The new additions come ahead of the United Nations's World Tourism Day on September 27 with the models coming from CyArk and the University of South Florida Libraries Digital Heritage & Humanities Collection.

You can dive deeper into your virtual tourism experience by downloading the Google Arts & Culture app or take a look our very large list of 3D objects you can view from Google Search here.

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