The Galaxy Watch Active2 included hardware support for electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring when it was released late last year, as did this year's Galaxy Watch3. The feature couldn't be enabled in the United States until it received FDA approval, leading to one of the watches' main selling points not (officially) working in America. At long last, Samsung has received the FDA's blessing, and ECG support is rolling out to both models. These features will also be coming to Galaxy Watches in the UK from February 22.

The functionality was approved for use in South Korea earlier this year, and measures your heart rhythm for signs of irregularities. You'll need to install the Samsung Health Monitor app on your phone, then rest your arm on a flat surface and place your finger on the watch's top button. "Once the reading is complete," Samsung said in its announcement, "users can record relevant symptoms like fatigue or dizziness, and send a PDF report of their ECG recording with their healthcare provider."

The main catch is that the Health Monitor app is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones, even though the watch generally works with most Android and iOS devices. It's nice to see the functionality finally go live, now that the Watch Active2 has been available for nearly a year, but blood pressure monitoring (present on both the Active2 and Wactch3) remains unavailable in America.

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