We know hardware obsessives like big batteries and they cannot lie. And with the way phones are growing these days, there comes the desire, maybe even a need to expand the power plant, too. As it is, we now have evidence that Samsung will pack in a bigger battery on the Galaxy S21+/S30+ than it did on the S20+.

Shocking, right? But an annual uptick has never been guaranteed in this department: the Galaxy S8+ took a dip from the S7 edge while the S9+ kept things level. It was only the S10+ that brought the battery capacity up from 3,500mAh to 4,100mAh. The S20+ then ramped it up to 4,500mAh.

For 2021, the Galaxy S21+ (if we're matching to the year) or S30+ (if the marketing folks still want to go with a jump by 10) might pack 4,660mAh. The image above of said battery comes from the Korean Communications Commission via SamMobile. The part is named EB-G996ABY — it's expected that the Galaxy S30+ equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 will have model name SM-G996 — and is noted to have a design capacity of 4,800mAh.

The same publication also posted supposed listings from a Chinese Compulsory Certification repository earlier this month which list the EB-BG996ABY with a 4,660mAh rated capacity. It also included a cert for the EB-BG991ABY, likely the Galaxy S21, and a 3,880mAh rating — this may translate to a 4,000mAh typical capacity and no change from the S20. Both components are manufactured by Amperex.

Of course, a few numbers on paper can never tell the full story, but it's still a long garden path up to release day anyway. Expect the drips of intel to keep on dropping.