Google's a company that's always experimenting with new features and tweaks for its software to improve the user experience. Now a new video has surfaced showing a completely revamped UI on the Nest Hub Max that makes touch controls easier to access — and it looks promising.

The interface of the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max has been pretty simple so far, as Google preferred to keep touch targets to a minimum to encourage voice interaction. With this new redesign, it looks like that might be changing. The updated UI adds in new contextual panels for smart home control, media, communication, and more. A simple tap on the screen brings up the panels, which can be swiped through quickly to find the specific function you're after.

The video shows a Nest Hub Max running software version 32.24.0.

The addition of these panels should bring a boon for productivity, especially in situations where you prefer to tap rather than talk. It's unclear if this revamp was released as part of Google's preview program, or if it's an experiment that leaked out early. I'm betting it'll start rolling out to everyone before too long — and it's definitely a change that will make touch interaction a lot easier.

New video, dark mode

A new video from Jan showed us more of this interface, with a sneak peek at a new dark theme. You can check it out here.