This year will be remembered for many things, not least of which will be the sudden spike in time most of us will have spent at home. For many, it's the first experience with the work-from-home lifestyle, and all of the ups and downs that come with it — e.g. video conferencing, no commuting, cooking lunch in your own kitchen, having to actually make your own lunch, and so on. If you want to reward yourself for surviving this wacky experience, Dead Zebra has a new Android figurine designed to commemorate the Work From Home warriors, and it's going on sale today.

Designed by Andrew Bell, the Work From Home figurine is dressed for the occasion. Which is to say, wearing a white button-up shirt with coffee and food stains, a pair of bunny slippers, and of course, no pants. This is also known as the unofficial Android Police uniform.

Like most of us, the little bug droid is also equipped with a Home Sweet Home coffee mug in one hand and a Chromebook in the other. Both arms are posable, and for the first time, so are the antennae. Now you can express your droopy or perky emotional state, or maybe mix them for a confused look.

Orders open up today, September 23rd, at 11am EDT (8am PDT), and shipments will go out next week. Like other Android minis, the price is $12 (+ tax and shipping). As we've seen in the past, Dead Zebra's Special Edition Android figurines have been known to go out of stock on the same day they're made available, so you probably shouldn't wait too long if you want to get one for yourself.

Dead Zebra — Work From Home figurine