Foldable phones and affordability don’t quite go hand in hand. For instance, the cheapest Samsung device to sport a flexible screen, the original Galaxy Z Flip, cost about $1400 at launch. That’s a lot of money! But if you'd still like to end calls by slamming the phone shut and flaunting your foldable, you can jump on this fantastic B&H deal that is straightaway striking $500 off the Galaxy Z Flip’s sky-high retail price.

As a refresher, the Galaxy Z Flip looks closer to a traditional clamshell phone that collapses into a more pocketable size. The centerpiece here is a tall AMOLED screen on the inside that folds horizontally, while you’ve got a tiny outer display to glance at your notifications. The Z Flip still holds up well even with its slightly older but capable Snapdragon 855+ chip. It has already seen an iterative upgrade, but not a whole lot has changed, except for the addition of 5G using the new Snapdragon 865+ processor.

B&H is selling the international dual-SIM variant of the Galaxy Z Flip (unlocked), which is compatible with the 4G networks of AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. You can get the device in both black and purple color options for the low price of $880, a steal against its $1,380 MSRP, and with free shipping. But you’ll have to hurry as this limited-time deal expires within a few hours.

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