The Samsung TV Plus app has been pre-installed on the company's smart TVs for years, allowing buyers to watch a small collection of live and on-demand content without hooking up a cable box or logging into a paid service. Samsung is now bringing the service to some of its Galaxy smartphones, starting September 23rd.

Samsung revealed that the free TV streaming service will be available "in the Galaxy Store and Google Play for select Galaxy smartphones" starting tomorrow, September 23rd. The app has 135 "channels," some of which closely resemble traditional TV channels (like CBSN or Bloomberg), while others function like looping playlists of TV episodes (e.g. the Kitchen Nightmares channel).

The selection is similar to apps like Pluto TV and Plex, and just like those services, there's a small collection of on-demand content. Samsung says the service will be available on the Galaxy S10, S20, Note10, and Note20 series. It remains to be seen if there will be any benefit to Samsung TV Plus over existing free TV apps, but as long as the app doesn't join the mountain of pre-installed apps already present on Samsung devices, there's not much here to complain about.