Google's Area 120 incubator is responsible for a lot of weird projects. From TikTok-inspired shopping to Pinterest powered by AI, Area 120 has made it all happen. The group's latest project is a work-tracking tool called Tables, and though it might be more practical than previous ventures, it's still got the usual amount of Googleyness built in.

Tables is meant to be an intuitive tool that makes work tracking easier and more efficient. The project lets teams track work and automate tasks in order to save time and take collaboration to the next level. And it's all thanks to what Tables calls its Bots — shortcuts that automate actions. From scheduling a recurring email reminder to moving a task into someone else's work queue when the status is updated, Bots are supposed to make common tasks quicker to accomplish.

Since this is Google we're talking about, Tables is launching as a beta product, but that doesn't mean you can't pay money for upgraded operation. The $10/month paid plan provides access to up to 1,000 tables, 10,000 rows, and 500 actions/table/month.

To start using Tables, all you have to do is visit and check it out. Data can be imported from Google Sheets and shared with Google Groups, plus tasks can be assigned to Google contacts in a nice show of interoperability. Maybe working more efficiently with Tables can help offset the time employees spend browsing Fundo. 🤷‍♂️