With OnePlus phones, it’s customary to receive a barrage of leaks and tidbits in the lead up to the eventual reveal. While the OnePlus 8T is set to go official next month, we already know a fair bit about the upcoming budget flagship, except for its price. It looks like we now have an idea about that, too, thanks to a leaked Amazon listing. The most interesting takeaway here is that OnePlus could price the 8T considerably lower than the 8.

Amazon Germany put up a premature listing of the OnePlus 8T detailing some of its key specifications and launch price. The 12GB RAM variant can be seen listed (in the image below) with a price tag of €693 (~$815), which is close to the €699 (~$822) figure suggested by tipster Ishan Agarwal. On the other hand, the lower-end 8GB RAM option will cost €599 (~$705). These European prices are exactly €100 (~$118) lower than what the OnePlus 8 was priced at in the region. You should take these numbers with a pinch of salt as the leaker himself doesn’t seem 100% sure about them, but it does seem as though the 8T will be cheaper than its predecessor.

The OnePlus 8T will pack an upgraded 120Hz FHD+ display, something OnePlus has just confirmed separately. Today’s leak suggests that the phone will stick to the Snapdragon 865, skipping the plus upgrade. Besides that, you can also expect to see much faster 65-watt wired charging for its 4500mAh battery, in line with what we've previously heard. As for its cameras, you will be seeing a quad-cam setup with an OIS-enabled 48MP primary shooter.

The Amazon listing sets the release date for October 20, which is within a week from the 8T's announcement day. In the meantime, you can see what the phone may end up looking like in these leaked renders. We'll be overjoyed if that screen is as flat as it looks.