Google is home to a lot of our data, especially when it comes to all the memories stored in Google Photos. Luckily, they're not stuck there, and the company enables users to transfer photos directly to Flickr or OneDrive, or export and download them for local backups. Now the Takeout tool has been updated to let users export only specific Google Photos albums.

When someone starts a Google Photos export through Takeout, a new selection button will appear. It defaults to all albums from Google Photos, but now that can be changed to only include certain albums in the exported archive.

Google Photos launched in 2015 with the promise of providing free unlimited photo storage for users. Since then, millions of people have begun storing their memories via the service. While Google may be able to use these photos to train machine learning algorithms and improve search results, one can't help but wonder about the viability long term. Whether you're switching to a different photo or cloud storage service or just making local backups to be on the safe side, this small change will make the data export process for Google Photos that much simpler.