If you've been on the OnePlus forums recently, you may have seen several worrying reports of Nord devices performing unsolicited factory resets, causing users to lose all of their data in the process. According to some of the affected people, their Nord felt warm in their pockets and when they pulled it out, it was doing a factory reset all by itself.

Occasional bugs causing this type of behavior would be nothing new, but there are enough reports to suggest this isn't an isolated incident. The tipster who pointed it out to us bought a Nord for their partner and it randomly reset after only a few days of use. The various reports don't pinpoint one specific firmware version as the culprit, so it's hard to figure out what exactly is causing the issue. Some people have had to go through this multiple times on the same phone. Random freezes and restarts are bad enough, but losing all your data due to this type of defect is a real kick in the teeth.

A OnePlus representative has been in touch with our tipster to say that the company's devs are working on a fix, but we can't see anything on the forums that offers any explanation or advice just yet. Disgruntled owners have been voicing their frustration at having to wait many weeks for any response. We've reached out to OnePlus and they have said they are investigating the issue — stand by for more info when we get it. With any luck, a bug fix that will solve the problem isn't far away.

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