Perhaps one of the most tribal divisions in the Android world, surpassing even the skinned vs. stock debate and brand fandom, is the software keyboard. You might switch between manufacturers, or even root and ROM your phone, but the choice of which keyboard to use seems to cross all other boundaries. Once you've settled on one and adopted its peculiarities as your own (usually through a frustrating period of acclimation), that one is yours, and you'll defend it to the death. So which keyboard do you champion?

I used to be a very firm Gboard proponent, but over the last few years, whatever system powers the corrections seem to have deviated further and further from the behavior I rely on and expect. Every other message is loaded with false corrections now — it particularly hates when I type the correct its/it's these days and will try to change it to the wrong one almost every time. A recent change disabling the backspace-to-undo setting by default was the last straw for me, and I've been shopping around for a better keyboard to call home, enjoying both Microsoft-owned Swiftkey and Samsung's Keyboard in the last few weeks.

We've all got similar stories, and many of us have switched between popular options several times since we started using Android, though I think the odds are good that most of us have settled into enjoying (or begrudgingly accepted) a particular one over other options. So which software keyboard do you use?

If your phone has a physical keyboard (because such phones do still exist), choose the software keyboard you fall back on or most prefer otherwise. Also, there are a ton of keyboard apps out there, so sorry if your option isn't listed. We tried to include most of the popular options, though you can still let us know about your favorite in comments.

What software keyboard do you use?

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