Google has been rolling out a new share menu to Photos over the past few weeks, and it seems to have reached most people by now. For those of you who share media through Photos often, this change is a godsend.

left: Old. middle, right: New.

This updated share menu takes away the long list of apps and replaces it with two apps, a "Create link" button, and a "More" button that, when tapped, opens up the native Android share menu. Previously, the share menu was only one row that you'd have to continually scroll through to find the app you wanted to share to. This new interface still retains quick access to your two most recent apps (the Facebook Messenger "Your Story" is probably there on mine because I accidentally click it so often) and link creation.

This is certainly a welcome change, and it seems to be hitting all devices now. Now it just needs to spread to some more Google apps (Google News, we're looking at you).

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