When you upgrade to Android 11, you might notice a mysterious-sounding "X Google enrollment" notification appear on first boot, saying "enrollment is running in the background." It disappears after a few seconds, and though it might sound odd, it's no cause for concern: It's just related to the Google Assistant. In fact, Google plans on tweaking the notification in the future to be more clear about what's going on.

We've all spotted the notification here at Android Police when upgrading Pixel devices to Android 11, and I had assumed it could be related to the beta program registration (which most of us were in). But, more recently, we also saw the same notification appear when installing the OneUI 3.0 developer preview based on Android 11, and as far as we can tell, it may show up for folks upgrading to any Android 11-based software on first boot, and potentially on every boot.

I know the language used in the notification is a little vague, and "X Google enrollment" sounds like your phone is being inducted into some secret society, but it's nothing to be worried about. This isn't a contact-tracing opt-in, or a beta program, or anything like that. It's simply tied to the Assistant configuration process.

It sounds ominous, but it's nothing.

We reached out to Google for more information, and we're told that the notification usually appears when changing the Assistant's language or setting up a new device, though something about the Android 11 upgrade process also manages to trigger it. Other folks have deduced that the app that the notification is tied to has something to do with hotword detection. Whatever the precise cause, it's related to the Assistant's setup and configuration process and decidedly not a big deal or anything to worry about.

We're told that Google will even change the language used for this notification in the next system update to better clarify what's happening when it appears. In the meantime, if you see this X Google enrollment notification when you update to Android 11, don't worry. It's just the Google Assistant doing its thing after the upgrade.