Android is known for being the more customizable of the two mainstream mobile operating systems out there, and Samsung's flavor of Android has never been shy about letting its users make a device their own. New updates to three of Samsung's Good Lock plug-ins will make them play nicer when devices rotate to landscape orientation.

Notistar, an app that handles notification management and lets users search through past notifications, received changes in version that should make the app itself usable in landscape mode  — although the changelog notes that the support will be "improved later."


Navstar lets users create and customize the device navigation bar, which is definitely something that comes in handy. Version makes the app available in landscape mode for the first time, as well as fixes a compatibility issue with One UI 2.5


Multistar's capabilities go beyond mere customization into straight-up multitasking madness. The software enables apps to run simultaneously in multiple windows, rather than pausing the inactive one. In version 3.3.40, Multistar is gaining support for a feature that lets vertical apps display as much as possible in landscape mode now, which should make the horizontal experience on tablets more manageable.

It's great to see Samsung working on making its unique customizability features more user friendly on devices that spend a lot of time in landscape mode — especially now that the company's first 5G tablets have hit the market.