OnePlus’s first truly wireless Buds do look like AirPods knockoffs, which even got them into trouble recently, but their price-to-performance ratio was pretty much on point. One of their bigger caveats is that you need a OnePlus phone even for basic customizations, leaving out a big chunk of non-OnePlus users. The company is preparing to fix that at last by releasing a dedicated app for the OnePlus Buds.

Just to be clear, you can pair the Buds with any phone over Bluetooth, but that’s about all you can do on an Android phone that isn’t made by OnePlus. For anything more like receiving the latest firmware updates, customizing gestures, or tracing a lost earbud, you must have a OnePlus 6 or newer device handy. Without that, you’d be stuck with the default settings and a dated firmware release. As you’d guess, having a companion app could solve all these issues in a jiffy.

Someone raised just such a concern during a recent Q&A session with OnePlus’s Chinese arm. In response, the company stated that a standalone app for managing all its audio accessories is indeed in the works. The upcoming app will be compatible with any device running Android 6.0 or higher, extending similar Buds support even to older 3- and 5-series OnePlus phones. As for when it's going to land for everyone, OnePlus hasn’t shared a timeline yet.

OnePlus also addressed another query over a hidden Buds app that it snuck in with a system update not too long ago. It says that the app is there to give the users a “more seamless experience,” which possibly refers to the visual facelift that the Buds’ settings menu received a while ago.