We do like our robot vacuum cleaners here at Android Police and we certainly are keen to review them these days. If cleaning your floor has become enough of a drain to do, you might be like us, too. Lucky for you today that iRobot's Roomba 960 is available at Walmart for $124 off current market price.

If you're new to these floor-hugging discs, the Roomba 960 is a pretty good choice. It brushes and sucks carpet and hard surfaces and really takes a liking to pet hair. You can set it up with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to have it work on command, on a schedule, or with a routine. It also knows when to come back to its recharge station, then continue with its job after a fill-up.

At 4 years old, it's pretty much come to the end of its shelf life at retailers. It started out life at $650 and has hung there for a good while before trickling down to the current market range of $450 to $500 — that is, wherever there's stock left. But it's a particularly good time to jump on Walmart right now because units there are available for a low $326. And, as far as we can tell, these are new units, not refurbs.

If you do buy one of these little helpers, don't forget to grab the iRobot Home app so that you can set it up properly.

iRobot Home
iRobot Home
Developer: iRobot
Price: Free