Stop me if you think you've heard this one before. You set up a cooking timer on your Nest speaker or display in the kitchen, then go chill in the living room or the bedroom. When the timer rings, it just doesn't stop until you move your ass over to the kitchen and talk to that particular speaker, because yelling "stop" to the other Assistant units littered around your house doesn't do anything. We've complained about this for years, but the problem should finally be far behind us as Google is rolling out timer and alarm control across the entire house.

Our tipster noticed earlier today that telling his office Nest Hub to "stop the timer in the kitchen" did indeed silence the ringing alarm on the speaker in the kitchen. The Hub even replied and said "I'm stopping any alarms and timers that are ringing on your smart home devices," so this should work even if you get the room's name a little wrong. We tested this too and were able to verify that it's working on the original Google Home, the Home Max, and the Nest Hub Max across multiple rooms.

As with all Home and Nest speaker features, this could be slowly rolling out server-side, so there's a risk that it's not available to everyone just yet. It's probably not available in all languages nor on third-party Assistant speakers. Your mileage may vary, so keep that in mind if you try it out and it doesn't work for you.

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  • Stuart Smith