We live in a great age for video games where a lot of new stuff's pretty good and all the greats of yore are being remastered for our shiny 4K TVs. But say you're taking advantage of cloud-streamed games and you're really looking for that extra punch of detail? Perhaps it's best to own last year's Nvidia Shield TV Pro — the complementary Nvidia Games app has been updated to enable AI upscaling on the company's GeForce Now and GameStream platforms.

Once the update's installed, AI upscaling can be toggled in a new, dedicated settings menu on the 2019 Pro. We got word from Nvidia a few weeks back that this very update would enable GeForce Now games to scale up to 4K at 60fps.

Nvidia spokesperson Jordan Dodge noted in a tweet that the company has tested and found upscale-generated lag to max out at around 1 or 2 frames.

In an agnostic change, version 5.31.29063731 of Nvidia Games also includes support for Steam Game Sync to GeForce Now accounts. The update is available via the Play Store or on APK Mirror.

For those with other Shield TVs, the hope lives on for neat optimizations like this one on the Pro.

Developer: NVIDIA
Price: Free