Last month brought some distressing news for Mozilla fans, as the company announced a restructuring that will see massive cuts that threaten current products like Firefox. Now we're seeing some of the first results coming from Mozilla's new focus on making more money: Firefox Send and Notes are being killed off.

After examining the cost of its overall portfolio and strategic focus, Mozilla decided that Send isn't worth bringing back. The product was put on hold earlier this summer over concerns that the tool, which allowed users to upload and send encrypted files anonymously, was being used to carry out phishing attacks and distribute malware. Because the product is already offline, it's much easier to keep it there. It's a shame, though, because this was one of the quickest and easiest ways to securely transmit files online.

Notes is being torn up as well. It allowed users on desktop and Android to take notes on webpages and sync them between devices, all while keeping the contents securely encrypted. The service will be discontinued in November, but users who have the extension installed will have time to export their content.

It's sad to see these services getting the axe, especially when they were so useful. But this is the reality of doing business; the company made a choice to devote its attention to income-driving projects like its new VPN.