Now that Android 11 has been released, we've reached the part of the update cycle where news about another phone receiving Android 10 is met more with rolling eyes than thunderous applause. Late system updates are still better than no system updates, though, and Android 10 is now rolling out to AT&T's version of the Stylo 5+.

The LG Stylo 5+ was a minor upgrade to the earlier Stylo 5, with a marginally larger design and an improved front camera. The regular Stylo 5 received its Android 10 update in June of this year, and now the upgrade has finally reached the 5+. AT&T says the update has a build number of QKQ1.200308.002, and comes with the July 1st security patch level — yikes.

The Android 10 OTA clocks in at 1.4GB, so you'll probably want to be connected to Wi-Fi for the download process. More information about the update can be found at the AT&T support article below. If you have a Stylo 5+ and you're interested in what Android 10 has in store, check out our roundup of Android 10 features.