As our phones continue gaining new AI-powered features like Google Duplex and kiss detection, it was only a matter of time before our vacuums followed suit. The company behind Roomba, iRobot, is introducing its new Roomba i3+ today, and it's a vacuum that can "evolve and get smarter over time." That's cool, but — excuse me while I go barricade my door in preparation for the robotic vacuum uprising.

In all seriousness, the Roomba i3+ looks like a nice addition to the company's lineup of robots that perform household tasks we could easily do ourselves. Like some of Roomba's previous products, it has a charging base that doubles as a dirt disposal unit, so the little critter can empty itself for up to 60 days without bugging you to take out the trash. It's supposed to vacuum in "purposeful" and "logical" rows — which means it already has my cleaning method beat.

Roomba says the high-efficiency filter on the device captures 99% of allergens like pollen, dust mites, and animal fur, and it's equipped with special brushes that work on multiple surfaces and in tight corners. Plus it comes with 10x the suction power of Roomba's 600 series, so it's primed and ready to take humans dirt down. And the i3+ is compatible with voice assistants, because of course it is — you can stay seated on the couch and take care of the cleaning with a simple Alexa or Google Assistant command. It works with the recently refreshed iRobot Home app to give users a more personalized cleaning experience powered by AI that lets the robot "evolve and get smarter over time." How long before it recognizes you as the trash you are?

The Roomba i3+ is available now for $599, although you can get it for only $399 without the fancy base dock. There's no word on if it swears or not.