In July, Google announced that smart home appliance makers would be able to publish Assistant routines featuring their own Actions and ones recommended from partner brands. Amazon seems to be raising that move with its own: user-shareable Alexa routines.

Up to this point, each user has had to create and manage their own routines. If you're not into smart devices for some reason, a routine lets creators schedule a series of Actions or, in Amazon's case, Skills to occur either on command or in a trigger scenario — example: you turn off an alarm and a routine starts where the bedroom light comes on and your smart speaker plays a news brief.

But a lot of people may go through similar routines and might be better off sharing them around, say, to a class for ease of use. So, Amazon has decided to make them shareable by generating links for each one — just tap Share on a skill you've made in the Alexa app. Users setting up a shared routine will see the Alexa app pop up on their phones and they'll be able to input custom fields like name and age as prompted.

Amazon has shared a few routines of its own that mainly incorporate music, short audio messages, and podcasts:

Our hunch is that it might not be long before Google jumps on the bandwagon here.