A while ago, we covered a hidden new look for Google Pay, accessible through the overflow menu in the power button wallet on Pixel phones. It looks like Google is now making that look the new standard interface for Pay, and it's currently rolling out to many people. The new design likely triggered by a server-side update to the Play Services.

The new look initially only popped up on a few phones at the beginning of September, but now more and more people are reporting that they see the revamped design.

The new interface does away with the bottom tab and moves all navigation into the hamburger menu. The redesigned home page will only give you access to a carousel of your payment cards and a scrolling list of your loyalty cards. I'd presume that that's where passes will show up, too, but I don't have any at the moment. The floating action button in the bottom right corner lets you add new payment cards, loyalty programs, gift cards, and transit tickets.

You can reorder your payment cards through an entry in the hamburger menu, where you can also view your activity, your expired passes, and see whether your phone is all set up for contactless payments. Settings are consolidated — there are no longer two top-level menus for General and Notifications, instead, all options are accessible right away.

When you enter the multitasking overview, you'll see that the interface is actually provided by Play Services, not Google Pay itself. That's right in line with what we see in the Pixel power menu, so it's not surprising that it's here as well.

There isn't a sure way to get access to the new look. The changes initially appeared on Play Services 20.30.19 and Pay version 2.116 for me, but it seems like some server-side changes are at play, too. If you're itching to get the new interface, you'll have to be patient.

Updated to reflect that the new UI is now rolling out widely.

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