At the Waze On virtual event held yesterday, a few interesting new features for the Google-owned navigation app were announced. Lane guidance, something many users have long been calling for, has been in beta since April and is now graduating to the stable version of the app. Trip suggestions and traffic notifications are among the other additions.

Google Maps and even Apple Maps have had lane guidance for a while now, so it's about time Waze joined the party. It'll be a great help for navigating busy roads and intersections in unfamiliar areas — a little note will pop up at the bottom of the map to tell you where you need to be.

Google-made apps are always trying to predict your behavior, and that's exactly what trip suggestions in Waze are all about. Based on previous journeys, it'll try to preempt your next trip search with a new card so that directions are just a tap away. These suggestions will roll out next month. Also on the way are notications that warn you of traffic jams in on your usual routes, which could help you avoid them by delaying or moving up your drive. For all trips, ETA calulations are said to have been improved.

Waze is also keen to get more people into carpooling so that there are fewer cars on the road. New features such as Real-Time Rides and Instant Book are designed to make it easier for users to share rides. Finally, Waze has announced that an Amazon Music partnership is also in the works.