Walmart announced its new membership service Walmart+ earlier this month, and now, you can sign up for it. It's essentially Walmart's version of Amazon Prime: Members pay a yearly fee of $98 (or $12.95 per month) for unlimited free same-day deliveries, cashier-less checkouts, and fuel discounts.

The service replaces the Delivery Unlimited plan of old — people currently on it will automatically become Walmart+ members. As with that previous plan, you're eligible for free same-day deliveries on orders starting at $35. You can choose from a pool of "more than 160,000 products," including everything from groceries to tech. The fuel discounts will allow you to save up to 5 cents per gallon at almost 2,000 Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express gas stations. Walmart says that Sam's Club will soon also join the ... club.

Cashier-less checkouts are realized via a new Scan & Go option in the Walmart app. You scan articles as you put them in your basket and then use Walmart Pay to finish checkout, all without ever having to interact with an employee. If that seems familiar, it's because it is — the company previously offered a Scan & Go app already but canned it due to low participation. Maybe this will be different in the midst of a pandemic when many people practice social distancing?

Walmart+ offers much less than Amazon Prime, but it's only just the beginning. It took quite some time and a few price hikes (now at $119 when paid yearly) for Amazon's service to be as all-encompassing as it is today.

You can sign up for Walmart+ on the service's dedicated website. There's also a free 15-day test period if you'd like to try it before committing to the monthly or yearly subscription.

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The article has been updated to reflect that you can now sign up for Walmart+.

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