The OnePlus Nord didn't make it stateside at launch, but OnePlus said that a separate model in the Nord line would come to the US down the line. Speaking with an insider source, Android Central has obtained details on this US-model Nord, dubbed the Nord N10 5G.

This 5G-equipped Nord, internally called "billie," will differ a bit from the regular Nord that's already out. The display is said to be slightly larger at 6.49" compared to the Nord's 6.44", but it will still have an FHD+ resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate. Performance-wise, it looks like it'll be at a slight disadvantage; compared to the regular Nord's Snapdragon 765G and 8GB of RAM base, the Nord N10 5G is said to have a Snapdragon 690 and 6GB of RAM as standard. Even the base N10 5G will have 128GB of storage, though.

In the camera arena, however, the N10 5G will see a few upgrades. It's said to have a 64MP primary, an 8MP ultrawide, and two 2MP auxiliary sensors. For comparison, the Nord has a 48MP primary, an 8MP ultrawide, a 2MP macro, and a 5MP depth sensor.

Android Central thinks that the phone will debut later this year, after the OnePlus 8T, at a price point of under $400. That would make it among the cheapest 5G phones available in the US, if not the absolute cheapest if nothing else makes it to market beforehand. The previously leaked ~$200 OnePlus "Clover" is slated to arrive after the N10 5G.