Live Caption is one of the more unique additions you'll find on Android devices. First shown off at Google I/O 2019, the feature automatically transcribes speech from video playback in real time, on-device. It was initially a Pixel 4 exclusive when it launched, but since then the capability has expanded to older Pixel models. The Galaxy S20 launched with Live Caption, and now it's coming to more Samsung handsets as One UI 2.5 rolls out.

Owners of Galaxy phones in the S10 and Note 10 lines are reporting that Live Caption has shown up on their devices. Some say it appears after updating to the new One UI 2.5 release, but others confirm the feature is present on One UI 2.1 as well. Live Caption may be coming as part of a server-side rollout, though the Note10+ we checked running One UI 2.1 does not have it yet.

Once it comes to your device, Live Caption can be toggled through the quick settings.

I can't say I've ever used Live Caption myself, but I'm glad to see the feature making its way to another manufacturer's phones. OnePlus was working on its own implementation earlier this year, and it's set to debut on the Chrome browser before too long. Google is still saving some special sauce for Pixels, though, as the ability for Live Caption to work on phone and video calls came with the launch of the Pixel 4a.