Google products undergoing multiple rounds of rebranding during their life cycle has become the norm — sparing not even the more popular ones. Android Wear shed the Android prefix back in 2018 to be simply called Wear OS, while the Home line picked up the Nest label more recently. Something similar is about to happen with Android TV, and we’re seeing yet another sign that a rebrand to Google TV is imminent.

Our good friends at XDA tore down the latest Google Home app version 2.28 and ran into a series of code strings with the name "Google TV". These strings still use “atv” (for Android TV) in their titles but mention the rumored moniker in the description part. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about the Google TV branding; a May leak first hinted at the impending change. However, the fact that the Google TV name has popped up in a first-party app serves as a more solid piece of evidence that a switch is indeed on the way.

The Google Home app seems to be preparing for the unannounced $50 Sabrina dongle, which will likely mark the debut of the updated OS, Google TV. The enhanced Chromecast device is expected to be made official on September 30, when we should get to hear more about the refreshed software, alongside two new Pixels and a Google Home follow-up.

If you're keen to try Google Home 2.28 and it's not hit your phone yet, you can grab it from APK Mirror.

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