Wear OS is far from being the most praised smartwatch operating system, an issue Google is well aware of.  Thankfully, the company worked on improving it and introduced widget-like tiles in May. Sadly, these were capped to just five, a restriction that's now being lifted.

Back then, official tiles were limited to a few ones such as fitness and health metrics, calendar events, headlines, and a timer, and could only be added from the watch's screen. It only took a month for developers to come up with a way to unofficially add third-party tiles, and about the same time for Google to allow users to organize them using the Wear OS app on their phone, making it simpler to manage.

Despite these improvements, you couldn't add more than five tiles until now, limiting the quantity of information available at glance, which is even worse given people aren't limited to Google's official ones anymore. Thankfully, our colleagues at XDA managed to add ten tiles using Wear OS app version 2.40, confirming the five tile cap has been lifted.