Spotify is pushing nearly all of its chips onto podcast browsing and production as a way to drive its revenues. Amazon may be looking to do the same for its Amazon Music service as it has enabled podcast streaming and is making a splash with what it can call its own shows including "Disgraceland," "That Scene with Dan Patrick," and new shows from Will Smith.

Free and paid Amazon Music users in the Germany, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S. can listen to widely-available podcasts right now through its website. We weren't immediately able to find podcasts on the Android app — there is a supporting update and changelog for that feature — but it'll also be there as well as iOS, Google Assistant, and Echo devices. Listeners will be able to download shows for offline listening and follow their favorite series as well.

The company is also claiming production credit and exclusive rights to a number of shows:

  • "Disgraceland," a true crime show focused on the music industry, becomes an Amazon Music exclusive starting in February.
  • DJ Khaled is hosting "The First One," a celebrity interview series co-developed with Amazon Music and the SpringHill Company — led by LeBron James and Maverick Carter.
  • "En la Sala," featuring superstar artist Becky G, will be available on Amazon Music and in video form on the Amazon Music Twitch Channel.
  • "That Scene with Dan Patrick" is another celebrity interview show co-produced by Amazon Music with IMDb.
  • There's also an untitled project in collaboration with Will and Jada Pinkett Smiths' Westbrook Audio. It'll also be available on Amazon-owned audiobook service Audible.

Audio streaming services are finding it difficult to stick with a pure music play with licensing costs growing. The appeal of podcasting's economics — doing contracts with individual shows, companies, or even hosts — could work out better for some. It's certainly Amazon's chance to try at this point.