Samuel L. Jackson is fantastic on screen, and now he's getting even better on Alexa devices. Amazon introduced the ability to use Jackson's voice last year with an Alexa Skill. Now the company is releasing a new update that enables a hotword so users can hear that silky smooth sound even quicker than before.

With today's upgrade, users can simply say "Hey Samuel" to trigger the Skill and hear weather forecasts, jokes, and respond to other weird questions you'd want to hear a famous person answer. If you've never used the Skill before, you'll need to ask Alexa to introduce you to Samuel L. Jackson and choose the Hey Samuel wake word. The Alexa Skill costs $0.99, a small price to pay for unlocking the dulcet tones of the man who narrated Go The F*** To Sleep.

Existing users can get the new functionality by telling Alexa to enable Hey Samuel. Amazon notes that while the hotword will work on most voice-activated Echo devices, the first-generation Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Look are not included. Users without a compatible device can still talk to Jackson in the more roundabout way of asking Alexa to ask Samuel before stating a query.

It's cool to see Amazon taking an interest in improving its celebrity voice program. Google took away John Legend's voice last year and currently offers Issa Rae as the sole celebrity pick.

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