Is the regular Galaxy Watch3 just too heavy on your wrist? Do you refuse to wear peasantly materials such as stainless steel? Well, we have good news; Samsung has announced a titanium version of its Galaxy Watch 3, appropriately called Galaxy Watch3 Titanium.

The Watch3 Titanium has a few differences from the regular Watch3. Obviously, the casing material is titanium instead of stainless steel. That reduces the weight from 53.8g on the standard 45mm stainless steel model to 43g, which is actually a pretty impressive weight savings. It also comes with a metal strap in the box. Everything else, including the 1.4" display, Exynos 9110, 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and 340mAh battery, is the same. All the sensors are retained as well.

The only other difference is price; the Galaxy Watch3 Titanium will retail for a princely $599.99 when it goes on sale September 18th in some other markets and October 2nd in the US. For reference, the standard 45mm Bluetooth model goes for $429.99. The titanium model will only come as a 45mm Bluetooth variant in Mystic Black, at least for now.